Ryzen 7 1700 should i overclock it?

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So hey Folks my system is in the description for anyone wondering so i know my CPU has XFR so it boosts to 3.75ghz on certain cores under Heavy Load.
Im Currently using just the stock Wraith Spire cooler which seems to be doing well and is very quite it hits around 55-60c under full Load.
So was Wondering if Overclocking my chip to say 3.8ghz would help and would running it at the stock voltage be a problem i would be aiming for a max Temperature of 70c.
I mainly play games and plan on doing Live-streaming and Video Production i need the overclock to be very stable and last me at least another 2 years as will prob upgrade in 2020 to some new CPU.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Please help.

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